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“Forseti Technologies, Inc. is a Business Consulting and IT Services company helping clients better manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance needs.”

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Regulatory Compliance Tracking and Monitoring


Our Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and Tracking service is about understanding the various rules and regulations, agency policies and standards that needs to be tracked and monitored in a cost effective way.We support clients with results-based tools and approaches for a continuous monitoring and management of their compliance needs.

Integrated Data-driven Decision Support & Risk Assessment


Our integrated data-driven decision support and risk assessment service is about understanding the data that drives results, how to measure results and how to apply limited resources to make data-driven decisions. We work towards utilizing data “proactively” rather than looking at it in a “reactive” mode..

Information Management and Sharing Strategy


Our strategy is to help the government improve the use of large amount of data that is being acquired to be shared and used in a secure way. Forseti works with clients to create winning strategies that support improvements in information effectiveness,efficiency & transparency.

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